Traditionally buyers have sought out larger homes, but there is an emrging tiny house market.   Some of these homes are as small as 500 square feet. The benfits of tiny homes are obvious; lower utility bills, and less time spent on cleaning and maintaining the place. However, in order to sell your tiny home you will need promote more than just these two benefits previously mentioned, your main focus should be in showcasing how efficiently the space has been used.

People opt to downsize primarily for cost and time saving purposes, but many will choose not to if it means having to downsize their lifestyle as well. To show buyers that they can have the best of both worlds you need showcase space-saving features. If you do not have a lot of storage space consider installing space savers, which include features such as hanging pot racks, built-in bookshelves, and attached fold-out furniture. Considering you are not working with a lot of space, your motto should be keeping it simple, and remember that less is more. In fact this rule applies to larger homes as well. There is elegance in simplicity. To achive that simple vanilla  look start out by removing all the clutter. You should also remove all personal items such as photos, and children's art while showcasing the home. Do not forget to organize the bookshelves, drawers, and closets. The home will look a lot bigger if painted in light bright colors. You will never go wrong by choosing soft creamy hues such a off white beige, sandy tones. The home should be well lit, also consider lighter see-through drapes that allow light in.    The next thing to focus on it the energy saving perks. The best way to highlight the energy efficiency of the home is to actually include these details perhaps in pamphlets and have the listing agent point them out to potential buyers during open house. If your tiny home is not energy efficient think about doing a few inexpensive upgrades such as replacing the weather stripping which will definitely help in cutting down the utility costs. Lastly, when selling a small home, make it more attractive by emphasizing the outdoor space around it. Maximize your front and back yard by uncluttering it; remove overgrown or large plants, and large outdoor decor pieces. For example the outdoor space will look a lot bigger with a smaller bistro set rather than having a large umbrella-covered dining table. Moreover,  when it comes to landscaping incorporate smaller plants such as ornamental grasses, english lavender, and day lillies to make the yard look bigger.