By: Brian Tanner

Select the Right Flooring For Your Home

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Everyone wants to upgrade to wooden floors due to their elegance and durability, what’s more wooden flooring will increase the value of your home. Read on to find out whether you should add wooden flooring throughout the entire house and see what other options are out there. Just a few decades ago homeowners did not have as many flooring choices as they do today. In fact until the 1980s there was only the option of hardwood which was installed and finished on site.  Today there are many options: pre-finished hardwood, engineered wood, and laminates, vinyl planks, and tile planks. To help you figure out what is the best choice for you below we describe each of the options.

Hardwood finished on site: this is the most expensive option. You can place this type of flooring in all of the rooms except the bathroom. Considering it is solid wood it can be refinished more often, and as it is custom made you can pick your stain color. Do not install this flooring directly on cement, you need to add a sub floor then apply the hardwood.

Pre-finished wood: The only difference between pre-finished wood and hardwood finished on site is that it has already been stained and finished in the factory. Like unfinished wood it can be placed in all room except the bathroom and an additional benefit is that it is often more durable than hardwood that is finished on site, due to the drying technique.

Engineered wood:  This type of wood is achieved from layering thin plywood, and each layer is turned a quarter direction as the one below, except the top layer which is actually finished with real wood. This wood cannot be sanded and refinished as many times as the two choices above, actually not more than once is recommended. You can apply this type of flooring directly on cement floors provided there is proper underlay, it can be applied to any room

Laminate flooring: This flooring is made from a pressed board and a very thin layer of a photograph of wood. It is quite cheaper than the other options and as a result it is better to replace it than try and refinish it. With the advancement in technology now it is very hard to tell the difference between laminate flooring and real wood floor.

Vinyl Plank: This type of flooring is made from thick vinyl with a photograph of wood, it is durable and looks almost the same as real wood. Vinyl Plank can be glued directly to cement.

Tile Plank: This type of flooring is made from ceramic or porcelain tile and can be used in the bathroom.