By: Brian Tanner

Do These Five Things before You Renovate

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Your life can turn into chaos during renovation projects. To prevent this from happening follow the tips below. The first thing you need to ask yourself before you begin the renovation project is what are you hoping to achieve with the changes you have in mind; are you hoping to make the space look bigger and turn half of it into rental property, or you are changing it up to reflect a new lifestyle that you desire? Once you have determined the purpose of your renovation project you need to categorize your needs. It helps to categorize items into three tiers: Tier A are must have items that you are not willing to sacrifice on, tier B are items that you are willing to compromise on and look at substitutes within a certain price range, and tier C consists of items you are completely flexible with.  Once you have categorized your needs it will help you to come up with a budget. When estimating how much money you will need for the project it is important to be realistic. People will often go over their budget. If you are having trouble in terms of determining the cost of the project consider consulting with an interior designer.  The next thing to think about is the team you will be working with. If you are not a handyman and you are planning on getting help you need to really consider the people you will be working with. It is truly important you work with a good contractor and/or a good interior designer. During your selection do not hesitate to ask about their experience, and referrals. Do not hire the cheapest contractor and/or interior designer. Hire someone you have trust in and someone whose work, process and experience you admire. Once the project begins, it may be necessary to leave the place, however this does depend on the size of the project. You may realize that it is better to move out even if it is a small project as there will still be a lot noise, and dust. Typically projects complete faster when there is no one standing in the way, therefore if your budget is large enough it is advisable to find a temporary residence until the project is complete.  Lastly, you need to determine the period of the renovation project. Talk with your contractor to determine an end date, due to unexpected events which are a part of life it is advisable to add a month to your time frame. Often time projects are delayed due to decision making on certain products and product availability, think about these things in advance and have a list of alternatives so that the project is not significantly delayed.